Distance Education in Kolkata

Why Spoken English is very effective in the modern day?

Speaking in English plays a crucial role in advancing your professional career to greater heights. It plays an equally significant role during one’s academic career as well. Brundaban Study Point is a distance learning education center. We are providing distance education in Kolkata. If you are looking for excellent professional career then spoken English training is very vital decision. We will explain the significance of English in achieving career progression and personal development.

Every college student in West Bengal and throughout India seems to be studying English. We have see them listening to radio programs on their dormitory bed, studying the dictionary in the back of the classroom, and completing grammar exercises in the cafeteria. But still, these same students come to me and ask the same question: “Teacher . . . my spoken English is very poor. How to improve English speaking? And How to Speak English Fluently?” Brundaban Study Point spoken English tips are the solution of English fluency. We are providing Spoken English Course in Kolkata by quality government school teachers.

Spoken English Vs English Grammar

An individual stands to learn English faster if he stresses more on the spoken side of it, as compared to the grammatical side. Continuous speaking and listening to right practice will incorporate the correct rules of grammar in his mind. This doesn’t represent that Grammar can be neglected. A dialogue becomes more significant with the correct usage of grammar, but as with anything new, stress should be more on practicing what you have learnt many times first, before moving on to something more complex. Similarly, beginners should stress on speaking what they have learnt first, before moving on to grammar and more technical stuff.


Primary let me be frank. There is no magic formula to become a fluent speaker of any language. One of the reasons this is so is that each individual is unique. Students learn differently. Moreover, just as some students are better at basketball or math than other students, some students are better at studying foreign languages than other students. One’s natural ability to learn another language is called language aptitude.


Motivation – The reason why we learn. Though researchers explain various subtleties, two types of motivation reoccur throughout the literature: instrumental and integrative motivation.

Effective communication helps individuals as well as business organizations to be more productive, to generate modern thoughts, and to build strong relationships within internal and external teams.


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