Distance Education in West Bengal

The Bachelor of Arts is a degree that that offers a wide choice of fascinating fields to study. As an Arts student in West Bengal, you are required to complete an academic gateway which will prepare you for government exam eligibility, essay writing, critical thinking, and other key skills that you’ll need in order to complete your work effectively.

Are you interested to do BA or BA honours distance education in West Bengal?

What is Honours Course?

Honours is a 3 years degree of study undertaken that is usually after completion of an undergraduate degree – for example, after completing a Bachelor of Arts. If you are studying a double degree, such as Law and Arts, you may be able to integrate your year of Honours study in Arts within your degree. During your Honours year, you will complete a major or a guided practical / creative project, complete a smaller directed study, and attend semester exam which include a series of formal assessments. Three years 6 semesters will be there. January and June is the two season for admission in BA.

Why do Honours Course?

An Honours degree has a lot to offer:

1.       Professionalizes the undergraduate degree

2.       Makes educational qualifications more competitive

3.       Sets a strong foundation for higher education, such as Masters or Doctor

4.       Provides a sense of satisfaction in taking on a complex course

5.       Enhances independence, leadership qualities and critical thinking

How do I apply for BA Distance Education in Kolkata?

If you are interested in applying for distance Honours course, please contact our study centre for BA Honours coordinator of Brundaban Study Point to signal your interest. You can do this ahead of time, if you wish to plan the remainder of your undergraduate degree with a view to doing Honours. In general, you will need to have strong grades in your major although applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis if you have decided you would like to do Honours, you should submit an application form as early as possible.

Applications to do Honours are generally due around the start of the January and June prior to the Honours year. For any questions about BA, B.Sc distance education courses in Kolkata, please contact Brundaban Study Point Kolkata. Admission to the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) is subject to approval by UGC, School of Arts and Sciences Research Committee and the Dean of the School.


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