M.Ed Admission 2016 Kolkata

The M.Ed course in Kolkata desires to spell out the vision of school education and teacher education, which should be central focus in West Bengal. Every learner has his/her unique way of learning. The dream of the school is characterized by constructive view of education and learning. Since education is evolutionary in nature, the vision of education would focus certain changes in the process of education related to both conceptual and organizational support system, which include teacher education, evaluation and assessment, administration, planning monitoring etc.

The learner would require freedom to explore, esquire and investigate. This would require development of certain abilities like critical thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning and meaning making. The process of learning is facilitated by the teachers and teacher educators.

The vision of school education needs to emerge from analysis and synthesis of various schools of thought, educational thought of great educators, and linkage between education and development sectors, emerging dimensions of school education and the multiple contexts under which the schools are functioning. Since learning in one of the central concept of education, there is a need for adequate focus on constructive view of learning and its application in multiple learning contexts.

Knowledge in education basically refers to individual and group development in terms of knowledge, understanding, skills, competencies and value orientation. The form of individual improvement is society detailed or more suitably in the particular context of a democratic, secular, socialist and egalitarian society. This education is to devise a social arrangement through which individual engage themselves in knowing, acquiring skills, competencies and values. Education tries to ensure that the use of knowledge and life competence is based on human values and norms of the society.

M.Ed admission in West Bengal needs to be so organized that it covers teacher and development of other educational personnel relevant for all stages as well as the system of education as a whole and 50% marks in B.Ed degree. It is clear that the two years P.G. courses such as M.Ed and M.A in Education are different from each other. Can PG level study of education be divided into two parallel courses with reference to education reality, ‘epistemology’, ‘Ontology’? Two years M.Ed admission 2016 in Kolkata is going on from NCTE recognized colleges and University. If anybody has any inquiry about M.Ed for such critical issues, please contact Brundaban Study Point.


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