Spoken English Training

Each and Every classroom is different. Teaching English is a challenging task. You may teach students who come from homes where people know and speak some English, or read and write in English. You may teach students who come from homes where people do not read or write much and may not know any English at all. You may teach some students who are learning English as a second, third or even fourth additional language. 


Teaching English will be challenging task when learners do not have much exposure to English in their communities. You may be the most important source of English for students when you teach them to speak, listen, read and write in this language. 

 Spoken English Classes in Kolkata through the fifth grade level of elementary schools are part of a larger goal to familiarize students with foreign languages, lifestyles and cultures, rather than focusing on teaching a foreign language in a formal way. They are not supposed to be preparation for junior high school, college and jobs in other countries. Unlike junior and senior high schools and colleges, there are no set textbooks for younger elementary students, and the emphasis of foreign language education is placed on the listening and speaking of simple terms that students know from their daily lives as opposed to written forms. English should be taught in a fun and natural way, using activities such as songs and games. Some communities may not be ready to introduce English at an earlier age than this, but would like their children to be more internationally minded and have introduced “International Understanding” education for younger learners.


Brundaban Study Point is providing spoken English courses in Kolkata for young talent or children or students. The teaching of foreign language and international understanding to children can be extremely fulfilling due to the responsiveness of the audience. Whereas adults have many years of habit and thought to overcome, children’s curiosity will often overcome childhood prejudices. When preparing classes, always bear in mind that the children, although responsive, may have very limited attention spans. These are children who are used to watching television programmes with commercial breaks every 5-7 minutes. Also do not overestimate the amount of time you have. 

 Excluding start-up and clean-up, a 45-minute class you may well have only 30 minutes of actual instruction time. There are a number of suggestions contained herein for the first time you teach a class. The children may need time to adjust to having a foreigner speaking to them before they move on to some of the more thought provoking exercises also included. 

 When planning activities, try to look out for things that the children are interested in, e.g. their favourite musical group, or a favourite baseball or soccer player. Use these examples to capture the students’ attention and interest. Now a day’s spoken English training is compulsory for every student who is coming from Bengali medium. Brundaban Study Point is responsible for teach English for poor students. 


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