D.El.Ed Admission in Kolkata

In our country, teacher education is compulsory for government and private schools also. Teacher training program is divided in two section one is primary section class one  to class eight and another one is upper level class ten to twelve.  We offer D.Ed admission for 2017 season from our different colleges in West Bengal. The system of Teacher education comprises teacher education programmes meant for preparing teachers for different stages of school education or for different curricular areas across stages. The demands on teachers are continuously changing and increasing. Their roles too are changing significantly.

The teacher education programme leading to the Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) aims at preparing teachers for the elementary stage of education, that is, classes I-VIII. If anybody is interested about D.El.Ed admission in Kolkata please contact our head office at Dumdum.

D.Ed admission 2017 is going on and it is very important that teacher training programs develop dedicated teachers with adequate knowledge and skills who become instrumental in the reconstruction of the society. The teacher education program has thus a pivotal role to develop such prospective teachers who are prepared to learn new techniques and strategies and ready to face the challenges of ever changing future.

The role of an elementary teacher has taken a shift and he/she has to learn to address the needs of all kinds of diverse learns as well as work in coordination with the community. As a consequence, the training programs need to be revisited and redesigned. The study of courses included in the category of Educational and Contemporary studies shall equip the prospective teachers to understand the contemporary Indian Society and the type of education needed to meet the emerging needs and aspirations of the Society. This shall also prepare the teachers to work for bringing about social change through the instrumentality of education. Recognizing the importance of linkages between Early Childhood Education and Primary Education, and suitability of the Early Childhood Education methodology for the early years of Primary Schooling, a course on Early Childhood care and Education has been included in the curriculum.

A curriculum that aims to prepare efficient prospective elementary teachers must take into account the interrelationship, rapport and coordination among teachers, children and the community. Teaching and learning are both behavioral complexes, independent yet dependent on each other, teaching is planned, pedagogical strategies decided and teaching learning material is finalized with a complete focus on the learner. 




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