BA Distance Education in Kolkata

Now a day Spoken English in Kolkata is very vital component of the BA English language programme. There are many Open and Distance Learning institutions in Kolkata. Brundaban Study Point is one of the leading Distance Education and spoken English training institution and we are providing distance education in Kolkata.

The Spoken English course provides the base for growth in other related to grammar, reading and writing abilities. As learning and applying the spoken English skills are so directly related to ODL classroom should be a place where the use of spoken language is sensitively supported. The act of speaking enables students to make connections between what they know and what they are learning, and listening helps them to acquire knowledge and explore ideas.

Maximum students have mastered basic listening and speaking skills, some students are much more effective in their spoken communication than others. And those who are more effective communicators experience more success in school and in other areas of their lives. Indeed, the skills that can make the difference between minimal and effective communication in spoken English can be taught, practiced, and improved.

Distance education or distance learning program is a field of education that focuses on higher education system that aim to deliver education to students who are not physically on site in a traditional classroom or campus. It proposes that Open learning is another learning method. Open learning is supposed to allow students experience self-determined, independent and interest-guided learning. Open and distance learning means there is some flexibility and control in the hands of the learner.

The term ODL is loosely applied to most forms of learning, except for those at the two extremes: classroom-based learning, as at school, where there is little or no flexibility, and self-study and informal learning, which lack any external support. BA distance education in Kolkata is providing from NSOU off-line learning. It is the introduction, utilisation and application of ICT to enhance open and distance education thus implementing open and distance learning policies in order to make learning activities more flexible and enable these learning activities to be distributed in India.

It is important to state that in a distance education system in West Bengal, it is not just enough to deliver courses, but to also organize a learning environment in which facilitators have to be involved.
In the NSOU, Open and Distance learning environment, facilitators are considered as essential as the other media. A course is then designed, taking into account the respective role of each of those media: tutors and human resources as well as classical and modern technologies.


Distance Education in West Bengal

The Bachelor of Arts is a degree that that offers a wide choice of fascinating fields to study. As an Arts student in West Bengal, you are required to complete an academic gateway which will prepare you for government exam eligibility, essay writing, critical thinking, and other key skills that you’ll need in order to complete your work effectively.

Are you interested to do BA or BA honours distance education in West Bengal?

What is Honours Course?

Honours is a 3 years degree of study undertaken that is usually after completion of an undergraduate degree – for example, after completing a Bachelor of Arts. If you are studying a double degree, such as Law and Arts, you may be able to integrate your year of Honours study in Arts within your degree. During your Honours year, you will complete a major or a guided practical / creative project, complete a smaller directed study, and attend semester exam which include a series of formal assessments. Three years 6 semesters will be there. January and June is the two season for admission in BA.

Why do Honours Course?

An Honours degree has a lot to offer:

1.       Professionalizes the undergraduate degree

2.       Makes educational qualifications more competitive

3.       Sets a strong foundation for higher education, such as Masters or Doctor

4.       Provides a sense of satisfaction in taking on a complex course

5.       Enhances independence, leadership qualities and critical thinking

How do I apply for BA Distance Education in Kolkata?

If you are interested in applying for distance Honours course, please contact our study centre for BA Honours coordinator of Brundaban Study Point to signal your interest. You can do this ahead of time, if you wish to plan the remainder of your undergraduate degree with a view to doing Honours. In general, you will need to have strong grades in your major although applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis if you have decided you would like to do Honours, you should submit an application form as early as possible.

Applications to do Honours are generally due around the start of the January and June prior to the Honours year. For any questions about BA, B.Sc distance education courses in Kolkata, please contact Brundaban Study Point Kolkata. Admission to the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) is subject to approval by UGC, School of Arts and Sciences Research Committee and the Dean of the School.

Distance Education in Kolkata WB

The BA (Bachelor of Arts) is the most flexible undergraduate degree programme, enabling students to study commerce and more than 10 arts and science subjects, as well as papers offered elsewhere in the Universities in India. Educational breadth is complemented by in-depth knowledge gained through majoring in one honours subject and two pass subjects. It is normally three years of full time (BA Regular) or its equivalent in BA distance education course.

Graduate students are expected to undertake a diverse range of knowledge tasks and are challenged to increase their intellectual independence. Graduates of the programme are well-informed, versatile, independent thinkers with the information literacy, communication, research and interpersonal skills necessary for a career. After completed BA course you can entry another higher qualification PG or Masters of Arts MA. Students who are not eligible for BA regular courses in best colleges of West Bengal, we are offering distance education in Kolkata from different open Universities. Brundaban Study Point is providing BA distance education in Kolkata and all over West Bengal.

B.A or Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate course that can be defined as a broad sector of culture composed of many communicative disciplines and also pursued either as a full time graduate course or part time graduate course i.e. through correspondence or Distance Education depending upon one’s choice. B.A. general is often referred as simply B.A. or B.A. Pass Course. It is General in the sense that it is not subject specific and one can choose a number of combinations of subjects, apart from 1-2 Compulsory Subjects. These combinations of subjects vary from colleges to colleges.

The minimum qualification for admission as prescribed for each of B.A B.Sc and B.Com programmes are 10+2 passed, that is H.S. qualified or equivalent. Students passing 10+2 in vocational courses of any recognized University may be admitted in the B.A. courses only. For pursuing honours in English a candidate should secure at least 40% marks in English at 10+2 level. The Eligibility Criteria for admission into B.Sc. Course are as follows: – To pursue honours course in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology and Botany candidate must secure at least 40% marks in respective subjects at 10+2 level. For pursuing Honours in Geography, candidates with a minimum of 50% marks in Geography in the +2 level (H.S. or equivalent) are eligible to take admission. Arts students have the option to choose their version of language English or Bengali. There are two compulsory subjects Bengali and English in BA course.