D.El.Ed Course Admission in Kolkata

What are professional imperatives for developing the Elementary Teacher Education Programme or D.El.Ed Course in West Bengal Kolkata? The D.El.Ed or D.Ed teacher is called upon to connect with children in between 6 to 14 years in a variety of socio-cultural contexts. The academic background of the entrants to the system shall obviously be one of the important things to consider for designing the curriculum of the programme. The responsibilities to be performed by elementary school teachers and the understandings, competencies, skills and attitudes necessary to perform the predictable tasks shall have to be the major bases for the designing of program of study.

Naturally the teacher has expected to develop the requisite understandings through his or her own observation, experimentation and reflection. Every child develops in a particular socia culture l context, which impacts his/her, acquisition of knowledge skills, attitudes, and etc. The objective of engagement is to help children’s learning and development, for which the teacher should have thorough understanding of the child wonderful process of learning and development and also of problems and rights of children.

This makes it very important for the teacher to realize the social set up in which the child is placed and the demands it puts on the child as well as on the teacher. In addition to developing understanding of the child’s improvement in different contexts, the teacher is also projected to facilitate achievement of knowledge and skills by the students in different curricular areas, for which he/she must have the capability to use right pedagogies, which may be subject-specific or general pedagogy relevant and proper for different areas of school syllabus.

For instance, the utility of ICT, Arts and Crafts and Community resources and folk arts as pedagogical tools is well recognized for various areas of school curriculum. This implies that the inclusion of all these pedagogical tools in the curriculum of a teacher education programme like, D.El.Ed course/ D.Ed Course will enhance the effectiveness and excellence of teacher training. Recognizing the importance of linkages between Early Childhood Education and Primary Education (ECCE), and suitability of the Early Childhood Education methodology for the early years of Primary Schooling, a course on Early Childhood care and Education has been included in the Syllabus.