B.Tech. Lateral Entry Admission 2016

Technical Education (B.Tech, M.Tech and Polytechnic) is very essential for the progress of the country in general, and empowerment of young students who have scientific temperament and talent for skill. It is the axis around which the improvement of an industry, infrastructure and economy of the country revolves. The main aim of Technical Education Department is to upgrade the quality of technical education in the State.

Technical degree for Indian student plays a vital role in socioeconomic development of our country. In our progress becoming a knowledge based economy, expansion of Technical education is a major piece of the strategy. The technical education institutes in Kolkata have well qualified teaching faculty, supporting technical staff and the latest machinery & equipment. We are offering B.Tech direct admission in Kolkata for those students who are looking for very good technical education as well as skill training in modern and market-driven courses. Technical Education Department has been designated new department for skill development program. Brundaban Study Point has set a target of technical as well as skill development program for better improvement.

B.Tech lateral entry in Kolkata is of three years duration. The classes are held six days a week in the morning from 10.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. Some of the special classes may be scheduled to be held on holidays, including Sundays for the working people. B.Tech lateral entry admission program is going on in Kolkata up to 15th September 2016. The examination will consist of six semesters in 3 years. 

The candidates looking for admission to B. Tech lateral entry Programs must have passed a State Diploma Examination of three years duration or any other equivalent examination, recognized by the Delhi Technological University with 45% marks and 40% marks for SC/ST candidate. 

B.Tech. Lateral Entry admission 2016 Programme is a continuation of technical expertise acquired after completing Diploma programme and offers an opportunity to Diploma holders to obtain B. Tech Degree in Engineering.


M.Ed Admission 2016 Kolkata

The M.Ed course in Kolkata desires to spell out the vision of school education and teacher education, which should be central focus in West Bengal. Every learner has his/her unique way of learning. The dream of the school is characterized by constructive view of education and learning. Since education is evolutionary in nature, the vision of education would focus certain changes in the process of education related to both conceptual and organizational support system, which include teacher education, evaluation and assessment, administration, planning monitoring etc.

The learner would require freedom to explore, esquire and investigate. This would require development of certain abilities like critical thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning and meaning making. The process of learning is facilitated by the teachers and teacher educators.

The vision of school education needs to emerge from analysis and synthesis of various schools of thought, educational thought of great educators, and linkage between education and development sectors, emerging dimensions of school education and the multiple contexts under which the schools are functioning. Since learning in one of the central concept of education, there is a need for adequate focus on constructive view of learning and its application in multiple learning contexts.

Knowledge in education basically refers to individual and group development in terms of knowledge, understanding, skills, competencies and value orientation. The form of individual improvement is society detailed or more suitably in the particular context of a democratic, secular, socialist and egalitarian society. This education is to devise a social arrangement through which individual engage themselves in knowing, acquiring skills, competencies and values. Education tries to ensure that the use of knowledge and life competence is based on human values and norms of the society.

M.Ed admission in West Bengal needs to be so organized that it covers teacher and development of other educational personnel relevant for all stages as well as the system of education as a whole and 50% marks in B.Ed degree. It is clear that the two years P.G. courses such as M.Ed and M.A in Education are different from each other. Can PG level study of education be divided into two parallel courses with reference to education reality, ‘epistemology’, ‘Ontology’? Two years M.Ed admission 2016 in Kolkata is going on from NCTE recognized colleges and University. If anybody has any inquiry about M.Ed for such critical issues, please contact Brundaban Study Point.

Distance Education in West Bengal

The Bachelor of Arts is a degree that that offers a wide choice of fascinating fields to study. As an Arts student in West Bengal, you are required to complete an academic gateway which will prepare you for government exam eligibility, essay writing, critical thinking, and other key skills that you’ll need in order to complete your work effectively.

Are you interested to do BA or BA honours distance education in West Bengal?

What is Honours Course?

Honours is a 3 years degree of study undertaken that is usually after completion of an undergraduate degree – for example, after completing a Bachelor of Arts. If you are studying a double degree, such as Law and Arts, you may be able to integrate your year of Honours study in Arts within your degree. During your Honours year, you will complete a major or a guided practical / creative project, complete a smaller directed study, and attend semester exam which include a series of formal assessments. Three years 6 semesters will be there. January and June is the two season for admission in BA.

Why do Honours Course?

An Honours degree has a lot to offer:

1.       Professionalizes the undergraduate degree

2.       Makes educational qualifications more competitive

3.       Sets a strong foundation for higher education, such as Masters or Doctor

4.       Provides a sense of satisfaction in taking on a complex course

5.       Enhances independence, leadership qualities and critical thinking

How do I apply for BA Distance Education in Kolkata?

If you are interested in applying for distance Honours course, please contact our study centre for BA Honours coordinator of Brundaban Study Point to signal your interest. You can do this ahead of time, if you wish to plan the remainder of your undergraduate degree with a view to doing Honours. In general, you will need to have strong grades in your major although applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis if you have decided you would like to do Honours, you should submit an application form as early as possible.

Applications to do Honours are generally due around the start of the January and June prior to the Honours year. For any questions about BA, B.Sc distance education courses in Kolkata, please contact Brundaban Study Point Kolkata. Admission to the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) is subject to approval by UGC, School of Arts and Sciences Research Committee and the Dean of the School.

B.Ed Admission in Kolkata

The students who have completed BA, B.Sc, B.Com or Master’s Degree, Bachelor of Engineering / Technology or any other equivalent qualification, can also apply for B.Ed admission 2016 in Tripura, West Bengal, Bihar, all over India. However, the admission of such candidates will be depending upon the marks of certificate of qualifying examination. Students will be passed with 50 percent marks in the graduation or masters examinations as per the NCTE rules. In case, a candidate does not full-fill the eligibility conditions, he / she will have no right for B.Ed admission in Kolkata West Bengal and other states.

The list of private and self-financing B.Ed colleges in the State of West Bengal, Kolkata and Andhra Pradesh along with their intake capacity and codes is given in Annexure-1 of the Prospectus subject to change, if any, from the NCTE. The University will also conduct counseling to make admissions online through the official website of teachers training West Bengal. Every private and self-financing college are recognized by NCTE and affiliated to the Teachers Training University of West Bengal Tripura, Andhra Pradesh. The Fee structure for B.Ed. private and self-financing colleges has been notified by the Govt. of West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.


The candidates who are interested to apply for regular two years B.Ed courses in West Bengal, Tripura, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Manipur, Assam, Kerala and other states in India’s private and self financing Colleges which is recognized by NCTE.

Educational Qualifications

The candidates with at least 50% marks either in the Bachelor’s Degree (Science /Commerce /Arts) or in the Master’s Degree in Sciences/ Commerce /Arts and Bachelor’s in Engineering or Technology with specialization in Science and Mathematics with 50% marks or any other qualification equivalent thereto and 45% marks in case of SC/ST/OBC/Physically Handicapped categories from a recognized University established by law in India are eligible for admission to the programme.

Spoken English Training in Kolkata

Spoken English Training in Kolkata and learned quickly is a new and unique approach to teaching English as a foreign language. In hour for- hour of study, our students can gain commensurate spoken English fluency in half the time required in school and college based spoken English course in Kolkata and Howrah, West Bengal. In our country where English is not regularly spoken, students will learn to speak English in even less time compared with their peers in those states spoken English courses in India.

One to one communication can improve the speaking as well as learning speed. This procedure can change the English language learning and development after careful appraisal of how the human mind, hearing, and mouth produce speech. It is called the proprioceptive method or more commonly the Feedback Training Method (FTM).

Every school and college student in Howrah and Kolkata seems to be studying English. I see them listening to TV and radio programs on their home, studying the dictionary in the back of the classroom and completing grammar exercises in the cafeteria. But still, these same students come to me and ask the similar query in my Spoken English Class in Kolkata : “Teacher …..  My spoken English is very poor. How to improve my spoken English?

Brundaban Study Point will not provide any book for spoken English course. This short book is my answer to their question. One to One communication is our 1st and last procedure for improve English speaking power. Our well educated and qualified English Medium back ground teacher will train and inform you how to tell English with appropriate pronunciation.

Other side, in my reading- much of the literature concerning language acquisition theory and research are designed for teachers. This is great for teachers. And I’m sure many students have benefited from this if their teachers have read them. However, I believe students should not be dependent solely on the ability of the teacher. I desire to give knowledge to the students themselves so that you will be empowered to take charge of your own learning.

You must share your knowledge with your classmate but don’t criticize your partner or friends and teacher’s also. No matter whom your teacher is; no matter what he does in the classroom, you can learn from him. Our hope is that you will eagerly learn from whatever type of instruction you receive in the classroom, and then use this knowledge to guide your self-study efforts outside of the classroom.

B.Sc Nursing Admission 2016 in Kolkata

Nursing and nursing service is one of the greatest of humanitarian services. Anyone whether ill or well, rich or poor, literate or illiterate, young or old, at work or at play, in or out of hospital, in some way or other, directly or indirectly is can be treated by a nurse. Nursing has its own body of knowledge scientifically based and humanitarianism that promises expanded benefits to people and society. The human being assists by the nurse to achieve their potential for self-direction for health. For as long as there has been life, there has been the need to provide care and comfort to those suffering from illness and injury.

Nursing has been called the oldest of the arts and the youngest of the profession. The word nurse evolved from the Latin word nutritious, which means nourishing. B.Sc Nursing training Admission in India offers for B.Sc nursing, GNM nursing, ANM nursing and Master’s in nursing. B.Sc nursing courses is eligible for science students only. They can complete the nursing courses from anywhere in India. B.Sc Nursing Admission 2016 in Kolkata is going for Bangladesh and Nepal.

We are collecting application for B.Sc nursing and GNM courses from Bangladesh and Nepal. Students, who are interested to GNM courses admission in Bangladesh, can contact our Kolkata office.  The roots of medicine and nursing are intertwining and found in mythology, ancient eastern and western cultures and religion.

Now we will discuss about the collecting and testing biological material and hygiene requirements which is related to health of human being. Compliance with the rules, largely set by applicable legislation, can help prevent the spread of hospital infections, protect patients, shorten the length of treatment and thus reduce healthcare costs associated with in-patient and out-patient medical facilities and sanatoriums.

When collecting biological material for testing, the following hygiene requirements must be followed:

  • It can be collected in a room or areas designated for handling biological material that meet the basic hygiene requirements for the collection of biological material
  • It is collected with sterile medical aids, including disposable gloves, always for one treated person, and the permeability of the gloves must match the use and the level of the risk from the biological agent
  • It is usually collected before starting treatment with chemotherapeutic or antimicrobial agents
  • Biological material in infectious diseases is collected in regard to the pathogenesis of the infection. In order to determine the diagnosis, the material is usually collected during the acute stage of infection; in the case of serological testing, a second sample is collected two to three weeks after collection of the first sample, or as appropriate
  • It must be stored in standard containers, and in decontaminated containers, excluding any risk of contamination of the requisite forms
  • It is transported to avoid degradation by physical elements and to avoid posing a risk to humans.

Bed making is also art of nursing. Some tips are mention below about bed making.


  1. To provide clean and comfortable bed for the patient
  2. To reduce the risk of infection by maintaining a clean environment
  3. To prevent bed sores by ensuring there are no wrinkles to cause pressure points

Equipment required:

  1. Mattress (1)
  2. Bed sheets (2) and Bottom sheet (1)

Top sheet (1)

  1. Pillow (1)
  2. Pillow cover (1)
  3. Mackintosh (1)
  4. Draw sheet (1)
  5. Blanket (1)
  6. Savlon water or Dettol water in basin
  7. Sponge cloth (4): to wipe with solution (1)

To dry (1)

When bed make is done by two nurses

Sponge cloth is needed two each.

  1. Kidney tray or paper bag (1)
  2. Laundry bag or Bucket (1)
  3. Trolley (1)

Distance Education in Kolkata WB

The BA (Bachelor of Arts) is the most flexible undergraduate degree programme, enabling students to study commerce and more than 10 arts and science subjects, as well as papers offered elsewhere in the Universities in India. Educational breadth is complemented by in-depth knowledge gained through majoring in one honours subject and two pass subjects. It is normally three years of full time (BA Regular) or its equivalent in BA distance education course.

Graduate students are expected to undertake a diverse range of knowledge tasks and are challenged to increase their intellectual independence. Graduates of the programme are well-informed, versatile, independent thinkers with the information literacy, communication, research and interpersonal skills necessary for a career. After completed BA course you can entry another higher qualification PG or Masters of Arts MA. Students who are not eligible for BA regular courses in best colleges of West Bengal, we are offering distance education in Kolkata from different open Universities. Brundaban Study Point is providing BA distance education in Kolkata and all over West Bengal.

B.A or Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate course that can be defined as a broad sector of culture composed of many communicative disciplines and also pursued either as a full time graduate course or part time graduate course i.e. through correspondence or Distance Education depending upon one’s choice. B.A. general is often referred as simply B.A. or B.A. Pass Course. It is General in the sense that it is not subject specific and one can choose a number of combinations of subjects, apart from 1-2 Compulsory Subjects. These combinations of subjects vary from colleges to colleges.

The minimum qualification for admission as prescribed for each of B.A B.Sc and B.Com programmes are 10+2 passed, that is H.S. qualified or equivalent. Students passing 10+2 in vocational courses of any recognized University may be admitted in the B.A. courses only. For pursuing honours in English a candidate should secure at least 40% marks in English at 10+2 level. The Eligibility Criteria for admission into B.Sc. Course are as follows: – To pursue honours course in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology and Botany candidate must secure at least 40% marks in respective subjects at 10+2 level. For pursuing Honours in Geography, candidates with a minimum of 50% marks in Geography in the +2 level (H.S. or equivalent) are eligible to take admission. Arts students have the option to choose their version of language English or Bengali. There are two compulsory subjects Bengali and English in BA course.

M.Ed Admission in Kolkata

The teacher’s training can always provide quality teachers who in turn progress the quality of school education of our country and also improve the learning level of children or student. The B.Ed qualified teachers can apply for Master of Education or M.Ed course Kolkata. B.Ed teachers teach the student but M.Ed teachers prepared the B.Ed educator.  M.Ed course has too many efforts were made by implementing the recommendations of policy documents.

In recent times M.Ed degree course should become 2 year duration with enough provision to branch out into specializations in curriculum studies, pedagogic studies, policy, finance and foundation studies. NCTE has also brought out four National Curriculum Frameworks for Teacher Education during 1978, 1988, 1998 and 2009 and recommended to improve the quality of M.Ed degree and the UGC and RCI also made efforts on this direction.

M.Ed degree programmes has some general nature and unable to organize excellence teacher educators. For that reason, M.Ed course was undertaken to analyze the existing curriculum and syllabus of M.Ed course run in different universities and tried to compare with NCFTE 2009. M.Ed course consists of five important things.

  1. Design of study
  2. Policy Perspectives of M.Ed Course
  3. Discuss different Universities curriculum, structure and practice
  4. Recommendations and Suggestions of M.Ed Programme for its Improvements
  5. Last one is on the way forward

Brundaban Study Point is feeling proud of our excellent students who are successfully passed M.Ed degree last year. We are providing guidance and leadership during the study. We also express our sincere thanks to parents of our students. Because they are also co-operate with our organization.

M.Ed admission 2016 West Bengal is going on at Brundaban Study Point Kolkata from Rayalaseema University in Andhra Pradesh. Students who have completed B.Ed successfully with 50% marks, they can apply for M.Ed admission in Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh and all over India.

Distance Learning Courses in Kolkata

Brundaban Study Point, MBA distance education in Kolkata is long established and highly successful. We are offering quality MBA degree from recognized college (R.R.Institution, Bangalore) and Universities (Alagappa University and Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu). This is a degree you can obtain part-time in 2 years, in an executive program in 1 year, via correspondence courses with 100% acceptance rates.

The required curriculum for distance learning MBA in Kolkata consists of courses such as finance, accounting, statistics, organizational behavior, strategy, economics, communications and technology. Different Universities may have a larger or smaller set of core courses, and many give these subjects different names. But overall, MBA programs have more similarities with one another than they do differences, and most of the same subjects are taught from the same books and syllabus, using many of the same cases.

The MBA course aims at providing inputs to the students relevant to the business, industry and trade. After MBA students can function in different organizations and face the challenges arising there from. The course main aims are not only providing knowledge and skills in different areas of management, but also provide inputs necessary for the overall development of the personality of the students. The structure of the course is designed in a way that students have to study the core courses from different functional areas of management that are made compulsory. Soon after, specializations are offered in functional areas where the students can opt for one specializations out of the six ordered- Marketing, Finance, IT, HR, International Business and Rural Development. Right from the beginning of the course, the focus is on providing relevant inputs through case study / analysis and applies in field etc, keeping in mind the current business scenario.

MBA is a demanding and broad-based management degree and it enables students to gain core knowledge of subjects fundamental to management, develop analytical skills that are necessary in problem solving and decision making, understand the process of management, human behavior in organisations and gain insights into the changing business, economic, political and social environments that affect the commercial world.

The distance education is based on the principle that individuals learn in different ways. The distance learning courses in Kolkata contains all the learning resources necessary to succeed, was developed to make achievement of the distance courses possible for students who do not wish to or are not able to attend campus.

Distance Education in Kolkata

The MBA course aims at providing inputs to the students relevant to the business industry and trade so that they can function in different organizations and face the challenges arising there from. The MBA course not only aims at providing knowledge and skills in different areas of management, but also provides inputs necessary for the overall development of the personality of the students.

An MBA programme is more than just another credential to add to your CV, Brundaban Study Point believe it is a process of transformation. Time and time again, our graduates tell us that they are not the same person as when they started the programme. It is our pleasure to guide you through this journey in which you will learn, develop and grow as a professional and as a person.


The main purpose of Master of Business Administration is to provide quality higher management ability to highly motivated, bright young men and women so that they can provide professional expertise to business and industry in the area of organizational development.  The MBA programme of the Department of Commerce has been designed to cater to the growing needs of industry and business Development.

Students who are interested to regular MBA course in India; R.R. Institution is one of the leading organizations in Bangalore. R.R. Institution, Bangalore and Brundaban Study Point have technical collaboration on higher education.  If you are a working people then we will offer 2 years MBA distance education from Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu.  Distance MBA in Kolkata considered to yearly mode examination.

Brundaban Study Point is committed to getting the best out of you by developing your management skills to their full potential. MBA is very effective in today’s business world, managers who are dedicated to the constant improvement of personal and professional skills.

Brundaban Study Point offers distance education in Kolkata for management, engineering, graduate, under graduate courses. We are providing our regular and distance education courses through in remote area in West Bengal.  Our programs will not interrupt an individual’s career, as they allow for additional training on a more flexible schedule.