BA Distance Education in Kolkata

Now a day Spoken English in Kolkata is very vital component of the BA English language programme. There are many Open and Distance Learning institutions in Kolkata. Brundaban Study Point is one of the leading Distance Education and spoken English training institution and we are providing distance education in Kolkata.

The Spoken English course provides the base for growth in other related to grammar, reading and writing abilities. As learning and applying the spoken English skills are so directly related to ODL classroom should be a place where the use of spoken language is sensitively supported. The act of speaking enables students to make connections between what they know and what they are learning, and listening helps them to acquire knowledge and explore ideas.

Maximum students have mastered basic listening and speaking skills, some students are much more effective in their spoken communication than others. And those who are more effective communicators experience more success in school and in other areas of their lives. Indeed, the skills that can make the difference between minimal and effective communication in spoken English can be taught, practiced, and improved.

Distance education or distance learning program is a field of education that focuses on higher education system that aim to deliver education to students who are not physically on site in a traditional classroom or campus. It proposes that Open learning is another learning method. Open learning is supposed to allow students experience self-determined, independent and interest-guided learning. Open and distance learning means there is some flexibility and control in the hands of the learner.

The term ODL is loosely applied to most forms of learning, except for those at the two extremes: classroom-based learning, as at school, where there is little or no flexibility, and self-study and informal learning, which lack any external support. BA distance education in Kolkata is providing from NSOU off-line learning. It is the introduction, utilisation and application of ICT to enhance open and distance education thus implementing open and distance learning policies in order to make learning activities more flexible and enable these learning activities to be distributed in India.

It is important to state that in a distance education system in West Bengal, it is not just enough to deliver courses, but to also organize a learning environment in which facilitators have to be involved.
In the NSOU, Open and Distance learning environment, facilitators are considered as essential as the other media. A course is then designed, taking into account the respective role of each of those media: tutors and human resources as well as classical and modern technologies.