B.Ed Admission 2016-18

Over the last two decades in India, the issue of curriculum renewal and extended duration of secondary stage teacher education has received serious attention. Education reforms always treaty highest priority to progress teacher success. It requires consistent up gradation of teacher-education system.

A perusal of the reports of various commissions and committees indicate the preference for longer duration of B.Ed Courses. It was also endorsed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in its judgement on 15 June 1993. “The Teachers Training Institutes are meant to teach children of impressionable age and we cannot let loose on the innocent and unwary children the teachers who have not received proper and adequate training. True, they will be required to pass the examination but that may not be enough.

Training for a certain minimum period in a properly organised training institute is essential before a teacher may be duly launched.” The NCTE prepared the curriculum framework for teacher education in 1998 and for the first time made the recommendation for beginning a two-year B.Ed course to prepare quality teachers.

In some states, this program is a prerequisite for a license to teach in public schools. Some special education teachers need to complete a period of fieldwork commonly referred to as student teaching, before they can work as a teacher. During student teaching, they gain experience in preparing lesson plans and teaching students in a classroom setting, under the supervision and guidance of a mentor teacher.

The amount of time required for these programs varies by state, but may last from 1 to 2 years. Many universities offer student teaching programs as part of a degree in special education. If you are interested to complete B.Ed course in West Bengal, Brundaban Study Point will organize the B.Ed seats in different B.Ed colleges in West Bengal.

Student development is currently an element of all teachers’ evaluations in order to hold teachers more responsible. It is a double-edged sword. Without question, it is critical that teachers are effective in the classroom and students are learning from the instruction provided.

On the other side, we know not all assessments are valid indicators of student growth. So now is the time to get admission in B.Ed courses in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. B.Ed admission 2016-18 seasons is going on in Kolkata at Brundaban Study Point.

Their growth is not going to be as fast or as noticeable as their general education peers. For students with special needs, I have learned to celebrate the smallest of accomplishments. However, it is progress! Sometimes, it is very hard for people to recognize the successes of a student when they are constantly comparing them to the best and brightest of the class. This is only doing a disservice to the student, not the special education teacher.