Nursing Admission 2017

Health is one of our most valuable properties. The protection of health is met through the satisfaction of our basic human needs. Understanding the basic needs of people, therefore, is essential for the practical nurse in planning for and meeting the needs of the patient.

Nursing is facing new challenges in delivering quality care to clients in a variety of settings. The settings for delivery of care are quickly getting higher and challenge nurses to think outside the box in applying best practices based on modern research.

As the scope and pace of nursing and allied health knowledge continues to grow exponentially, one must ask what is truly “fundamental’ ” for a nurse to know and understand in order to practice knowledgeably, morally, ethically, accurately, sensitively, and compassionately in both today’s and tomorrow’s health care delivery system.

Nursing Admission 2017 is going on in Kolkata West Bengal, India. SGR nursing college will provide proper guidance in practical field of nursing. Nursing course is designed for students to appreciate the concepts and principles of obstetrical nursing and helps them to acquire knowledge and develop attitude and beginning skills in rendering nursing care to normal and high risk pregnant women during antenatal, natal and postnatal periods in hospital and community settings. It also helps to develop skills in managing normal and high-risk neonate and participate in family welfare programmes. SGR College offers two types of nursing course – GNM and B.Sc Nursing. Students can visit our website link – B.Sc Nursing Admission 2017 and GNM Nursing Admission 2017.


At the end of the course the students

Appreciate the historical perspectives, trends and issues in obstetric Nursing, Identify the anatomical, physiological and psychosocial changes take place during pregnancy, Render comprehensive care to mother during antenatal, natal and post partum periods, Demonstrate beginning skills in conducting normal deliveries, Identify and manage abnormalities and complications of pregnancy, labour and puerperium, Demonstrate competence in caring for high risk newborn, Describe the pharmacological agents, their effects during, pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium, lactation and role of the nurse, Describe the recent advancement in contraceptive technology, birth control measures and role of the nurse, Give health education to antenatal, intranatal, postnatal mothers and their family members.